HOW TO - Make Your Own Altro Cut-To-Shape Floor

Product Information

Altro cut-to-shape flooring is one of the best ways to ensure your DIY van conversion gives that wow-factor!

Used extensively throughout the professional van conversion industry - there really isn't a better choice of flooring for your very own adventure-wagon.

The Headlines

Altro CONTRAX - 12 colour choices & 0.9mm wearing layer.

  • Altro WALKWAY - 23 colour choices & 2mm wearing layer.

  • Cut to shape options for VW T5,T6 & Ford Transit Custom.

  • All colours and choices sold per-metre for all conversions - We even have a guide for making your own cut-to-shape floors here!

The DIY Guide

This guide is for making your own Altro cut-to-shape floor. For installing your own cut-to-shape floor, you can find our guide by clicking here!


So, there are a couple of tasks that need to be complete prior to starting.

  1. You should have a ply floor cut-to-shape.

  2. You should have an appropriate length of Altro flooring in your specified colour.

Now, you're ready to start!

Tools & Products


Note: You will be placing the Altro face-down on the surface. So ensure you are working on a flat, clean surface. This will minimise the likelihood of any damage being caused during the marking/cutting process.

  1. Roll our your Altro flooring face-down (the shiny finish will be face down and the dull side face-up).

  2. Place your cut-to-shape floor face-down on top of the Altro. If you have a two or three piece floor, ensure you have the pieces butted together as tight as possible.

  3. Using a Biro (not a pencil) trace around your floor carefully.

  4. Remove your ply floor pieces.

  5. Use your hook-blade to carefully cut out the traced line.

Now get the kettle on, pour a cuppa, stand back & admire your handy-work. Because it's time to install this in the van! You can find our cut-to-shape installation guide here.

We hope you found this guide helpful. All feedback is welcomed.

The Home Built Campers Team.