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Not All Hook-Up Cables Are Born Equal.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

This is a public safety announcement, compliments of Home Built Campers!

When you simply google 230V Hook-Up cable you are going to be confronted by an array of differently priced yet similarly looking orange hook-up cables (see image below). So, let's check-out on the cheapest one and get on with it.. or not.

As much as we would like to take this opportunity to rant about businesses that capitalise on the use of 'small print' to sell unsafe equipment to innocent customers, for your benefit we will try and keep this short and sweet!

It is stated in the 18th edition IET Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2018) that campsite hook-up cables should be no smaller than 2.5mm2.

Now despite the Institution of Engineering and Technology making this absolutely clear, when you google "Hook-up cable" you will be bombarded with cheap 1.5mm2 options that are not safe for use on UK campsites.

Using the smaller cables are potentially dangerous, and we encourage all of you to check your cables and if necessary, to purchase 2.5mm2 hook up cables.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this one.

The Home Built Campers team are passionate about the community and look forward to seeing you all out on the road!

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